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Forklift tire maintenance knowledge

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-06-28 

⮱About the correct maintenance method for forklift tires:

1、Air pressure

⮱1)Pneumatic tires shall be inflated according to the air pressure of the "Pneumatic Load Correspondence Table" specified in the current national standards;

⮱2)After the tire is inflated, it should be checked whether there is air leakage in each part. If it is found, the air leakage should be repaired in time;

⮱3)The tire must be in use during normal use. When operating for a long time or during work, the tire pressure should be checked regularly; when parking for a long time, the front and rear axles must be erected;

⮱4)The air pressure is high, the tire is easy to grind the crown and crown explosion; the air pressure is low, and the tire is easily deformed and crushed;

⮱5)When two tires are installed together, the inflation of the two tires should be the same, not one high air pressure and one low air pressure.

2、Internal tire

⮱1)To match the inner tire according to the size of the forklift tire;

⮱2)If the inner tire leaks, it will cause early damage to the tire;

⮱3)Butyl rubber inner tire is resistant to high temperature and air tightness. High-speed tires (with inner tube) should be equipped with butyl rubber inner tire;

⮱4)If the inner tire is to be stored separately, it should be filled with an appropriate amount of air, and should not be folded flat or stacked; if it is not stored separately, it should be placed in the tire and inflated in an appropriate amount.


⮱1)Always check the use of forklift tires. If damage is found, repair it immediately;

⮱2)When the tread wears to the wear mark, it should be stopped and refurbished;

⮱3)To ensure safe driving, retreaded tires are not allowed to be used as steering wheels (front wheels),。⮰