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Job Recruitment

  • ⓪5⓪/人 position⓪:Regional Sales Manager⓪ ⓪⓪
    • Job Responsibilities:⓪

      ⮱1、Complete product sales tasks in the areas under its jurisdiction and increase the proportion of products in the region;

      ⮱2、Responsible for the development of the market within the jurisdiction, the development of customers, the layout of outlets and the early arrival of new customers;

      ⮱3、Responsible for the planning and layout of the stores in the area under their jurisdiction, and the maintenance of the overall image;

      ⮱4、Responsible for the setting of product lines in the area under its jurisdiction, the formulation of product retail price and price, and the maintenance of the overall price system;

      ⮱5、Master the customer's import, sales and storage in the area under its jurisdiction, and timely follow up the customer's delivery plan and logistics delivery status;

      ⮱6、Responsible for the development of channel promotion plan

    • job require:⓪

      ⮱1、Male or female, healthy, with strong resistance to stress, college degree or above;

      ⮱2、Love the sales industry, willing to challenge yourself and challenge high salary;

      ⮱3、Can work hard, be adaptable, and have a sense of responsibility;

      ⮱4、Salary: the industry is the best, specific negotiable;

  • ⓪10⓪/人 position⓪:Welder⓪ ⓪⓪
    • Require:⓪

      Male, under 50 years old
    • Remarks:⓪

      Gas-shielded welding work experience for more than three years, will look at the drawings, there is a welding work permit is preferred, the more work, the more wages

  • ⓪10⓪/人 position⓪:Electrician⓪ ⓪⓪
    • Require:⓪

      Male, under 50 years old
    • Remarks:⓪

      Have an electrician's employment certificate, and have experience in equipment maintenance and repair.


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